Let's Grow Home Child Care Services for Parents & Providers

About Us


Let’s Grow has a vision, to build a loving and nurturing community, where children can safely grow, discover and learn. Let’s Grow is a stepping block for your child’s future, where providers and parents can work together to help children succeed in their early years of life. Our goal is to help children build life skills and the confidence they need to move forward into the next phase of their life.


Let’s Grow believes in giving children the space and opportunity to connect with nature around them. We believe in allowing nature to be our teacher alongside with providers, by incorporating as much of nature as we can into our lessons and daily routine


Although we understand that nature-based lessons may not be possible every day, we encourage providers to incorporate as much of nature into their lessons and play as they can. This is achieved in a series of different and unique ways; through nature walks if possible, giving children a safe opportunity to explore the outdoors and use their curiosity to build and create, bringing natural and safe elements into children’s sensory play, art creations, science experience, math and literacy. The possibilities are endless.

Let’s Grow works with Providers to teach and assist in building and developing their own nature style program that is unique to their group. Let’s Grow is available for one-on-one and group training as needed, and sends out weekly tips and tricks that give Providers new and fresh programing ideas. Let’s Grow will also give or lend Providers materials when available for programing, such as Learning Boxes that contain specific themed nature elements. Let’s Grow wishes to see all Providers succeed in their Home Child Cares.


About Let’s Grow