Let's Grow Home Child Care Services for Parents & Providers

Provider Information

Provider Information

Let’s Grow Home Child Care Services Gives Providers two Child Care Model options to choose from;

Option A, Full Agency.

By choosing this option, all children placed in Providers care are placed by the agency and therefore are agency clients.

Option B, Mixed

This option gives Providers the flexibility to find their own clients and receive agency clients.

Advantages of Becoming a Provider

Self Employed

With Let’s Grow you are not an employee but an independent contractor. Some benefits of working for yourself as a Home Child Care Provider.
You make your schedule work for you by picking your own hours
You can build your routine that works for you and your group (while still following ministry guidelines)
You can work from the comfort of your own home
This is a great business opportunity for parents who want to stay home with their children and still make an income.
Being a Licensed Provider, you can potentially care for up to six children

Government Wage Enhancement

Being a Licensed Provider you maybe eligible for the Government Wage Enhancement. $20 for full days and $10 for half days.

Government Funding

Providers will have access to government funding as available for new toys, equipment and materials for your program.

Training and Assistance

You are not alone! Let’s Grow works along side Providers to give support, assistance and training in the following areas as needed;
Program Training
Routine Building
Home Setup
Incorporating Nature into lessons and activities is a big part of who we are at Let’s Grow. We will help Providers incorporate a Nature Learning Style into their programs unique to their group. To learn more please click here.